True talent can be found anywhere: black metal in China, NWOBHM worship in Peru, crushing death in Indonesia, yet brilliant psychedelic doom rock which easily can compete with today's high international standards from Thuringia, a state in the eastern part of Germany, is still quite a surprising discovery though the region is renowned for its diverse music scene. Now, Century Media Records, proudly present you the young quintet, MOTOROWL, formed in 2014 when most of its band members were not even twenty years old! MOTOROWL quickly developed a heavy sound blessed with fabulous riffs, great vocal melodies, and a grinding Hammond organ on top. Think SPIRITUAL BEGGARS or Uriah Heep on a bad acid trip. Think 70's inspired, damn heavy hard rock with a contemporary, gloomy twist.

Created with pure passion and incredible, mature song-writing skills, the band's debut, “Om Generator”, was co-produced by Fabian Hildebrandt (of label mates DESERTED FEAR) and the mighty Dan Swanö took over mix and mastering duties.

Dan Swanö: "Amazing mixture of stoner and 70's hard rock executed with finesse. I had an amazing time mixing their songs, that always seemed to take a turn towards the unexpected."

Fabian Hildebrandt: “Congratulations to my buddies from Motorowl! It does say something, when a band goes from a rancid rehearsal room in Gera straight away to touring with Bombus, and even manages to convince a label as renowned as Century Media . I still remember vividly, how they asked me to record their album. Initially, I was rather critical, but after I saw them live I immediately knew that I HAD TO. Stunning… extremely young, no idea about nothing, yet insanely talented! Motorowl are a true rock band and I am curious to see, where the future journey of Daniel, Martin, Max, Tim and Vinz will take them.”

After having played a good share of gigs with Jex Thoth, Path Of Samsara, and a tour with Sweden's BOMBUS, MOTOROWL offer live experience as well and even Germany's Visions Mag highly recommended these newcomers promising it would not take long until they got signed.

“Om Generator” will be released worldwide through Century Media Records on August 26th, 2016.

Interview with Vinzenz and Max:

1. Introduce Motorowl.

Hi! Motorowl is a five-piece Doom Rock Band straight outta East Germany. Our music is something between Metal, Progressive Rock and a psychedelic trip. That’s it.


2. You started this adventure in 2014 and you already signed with Century Media, how does it feel like? I guess it is just a big dream coming true!

For most of us the adventure started 6 years ago. But since the formation of Motorowl we are working harder for everything. The last two years have been a lot of work and it feels a little bit like home being a Century Media Band now. Everyone is really nice to us.
Imagine a 14 year old boy dreaming about working with Dan Swanö. Six years later this little boy reaches his goal with a nice little record, exited for its release all over the world.
And that’s where we stand right now, five little boys waiting to spread heavy music.

3. You are so young, around 20 and less, right? Are you ready for what is going to come: long tours, a lot of travelling?

Almost true. Max is 20 years old, Vinzenz is 21, Tim is 24 and Daniel and Martin are both 23. The good thing is that we know each other for years so we are cool with long travels and playing good shows just makes it easier for us. We like meeting people after our concerts and getting new connections to everywhere. Every band would like to play more shows and so do we. Sometimes it’s hard to combine our everyday lives with the urge of getting on the road. Martin, Vinz and Max are studying at the moment, Daniel is training to be a Social Care Worker and Tim has a “real” job.
But all of that luckily wasn’t a problem till now and hopefully won’t be so in the future.

4. You define your music as Psychedelic Doom Rock. Tell us more about your influences.

To begin with, our influences are widely spread. When you listen to “Om Generator” we think it becomes obvious that we are into all kinds of old school stuff. Early Heavy Metal, Doom, Psychedelic Rock mixed with a progressive twist is all you need to make us happy. We are constantly trying to find a modern approach combining these influences with our own understanding of making music together. In the best-case people like what we are trying to do.

5. Your debut album “Om Generator” is coming out next August 26th. Tell us more about it; the creative process, the recording?

What you are hearing on our first album is basically everything we came up with in this first period as a band. We started working on some of the songs before Motorowl even existed, not imagining to record anything. And after a few shows in the beginning we played with the idea of making a demo because a lot of people asked for it. But soon enough we got in contact with Fabian Hildebrand of Deserted Fear, a cool band we know for some time now, who offered working with us and our material. The whole recording process took a good amount of time. After three months at “Eisensound Studio” we got the chance to send our stuff to Sweden. Dan Swanö gratefully mixed and mastered the entire album and got the best out of our sound. We are extremely thankful knowing such an amount of good people.


6. Did you receive any feedback you want to share with us? How are you feeling with the result of the album?

We got a lot of feedback over the last weeks. As you probably noticed we are in some kind of promo phase and heard a lot of nice things concerning our album. Our friends from around here like “Om Generator” and so do we. The sound that Dan and Hilde created is heavier than we expected. And that’s great.


7. What’s your plan after recording the album? Any tour coming soon?

Of course we would like to tour and we’ve got something in the pipeline but you never know how things go.  We will play a few release-shows in Leipzig, Weimar and at the Setalight Festival in summer and fall.
Currently we are writing songs for our next record and this will be another step forward in 2017.

8. Is there a band you would like to tour with so much?



9. Are there any festivals you would like to play next summer?

We would like to play Freak Valley, Stoned from the Underground, Rock im Wald, or Burg Herzberg Festival, Festivals we also like to visit personally. Basically we are ready to play every single festival around the world if possible.


10. Do you want to add anything else?

Thanks for your support! Keep liking us.

Thanks a lot!



Max Hemmann(Guitar/Vocals)
Vinzenz Steiniger (Guitar)
Martin Scheibe (Drums)
Tim Camin(Bass)
Daniel Dettlev(Keys)
Fani Nadki

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