Canada's PESSIMYSTIC Unveils Album Teaser For Debut "Burnt Offering" Out End of Nov 2023; Produced By Topon Das (Fuck the Facts)

L- R - Nic (Bass) | Ryan (Guitars and Vocals) | Mat (Drums)

Photo Credit: Melissa Krakana

Pessimystic is a new entity hailing from Ottawa, ON, driven by their experience with other established bands in the Canadian extreme music scene, they perform an experimental style of death metal possessed with a blackened atmosphere. Their sound bridges the chasm between dark, dissonant riffs and hook-focused compositions.

While there are no secret musicians nor hidden stories to the band, they have chosen to adopt a strictly minimalistic approach in the presentation of their music first and foremost. With a clear vision and a cohesive identity, Pessimystic intends to compose and release EPs and albums on an annual basis, building momentum fast and spreading the "Pessimystic" energy far and deep.

To introduce themselves to metal fans, they will be unleashing the debut album "Burn Offering" at the end of this coming November. The album was recorded and produced by Topon Das at Apt 2 Recording (Fuck the Facts, Deformatory, Eclipser), capturing Pessimystic's deep textures and organic energy. With its meshed layers of intricate technical details, "Burnt Offering" showcases both performance and dedication that the trio has to offer.

They comment about the album:

"It's an apotropaic oblation of self-surrender through self-destruction and unity through detachment. Conceptually, "Burnt Offering" contemplates divine retribution and conjures the apocalyptic imagery enshrined in the human psyche. Under its dense and dissonant shroud, it combines the wrath and fury of death metal with the intensity and melodic echoes of black metal."

The band intends to promote the album in front of live audiences in Ontario, Quebec, and anywhere else there may be opportunities to play live in the year to come. Two singles will be unveiled in the coming weeks in the lead-up to the album's release.

Today, the band is sharing a teaser, album artwork, and track listing, which can be discovered below.

"Burnt Offering" is due out on November 24, 2023, and will be made available for pre-order on

Album Teaser -

Track Listing:
1. Conquer the Pantheon – 4:05
2. Visions – 6:19
3. Burnt Offering – 4:25
4. Crystalline – 5:05
5. Omnipresent Malevolence – 6:50
EP Length: 26:47

More info:

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