Extinction: Cover Art & Tracklist for the upcoming album

“EXTINCTION is a project coming out from a very good musical and personal relationship between Ekaitz Garmendia, Iban Hernandez and Andoni Bassman.
With lot of experience from the Extreme Metal beginnings in the band PHTHISIS from Bilbao, as well as being part of one of the most emblematic Spanish band LEGEN BELTZA, our main motivation is to continue investigating in Metal and our instruments, far away from any trend or cliche.
We are peparing material following this path, and we are willing to show in short time the result of this restlessness.
We hope that this motivates you as much as it does to us!!
Welcome to EXTINCTION, The Dark Matter.”

Here you have the cover artwork (by Andoni Bassman) and the Tracklist of their upcoming first work "The Dark Matter".
Everything is ready for sending to the factory and  the release date will be published in short.

Tracklist "THE DARK MATTER":

- Pioneers Of The Deep Abyss.
- The Dark Matter
- Amaigabeko Iluntasuna
- Zagadka
- Father To Son
- Voyager
- Revelations


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