Post metallers NOVERE release their first EP "Soulless Elements" today!

Novere is grounded in the gloomy sound of early Post-Metal. It explores the universe of human emotions and mental struggles, mixing elements of Doom, Black Metal and Post-Rock that creates a mix of raw noisy sounds and delicate melancholic downbeats.
Based in North London and formed in 2020, Novere is a collaboration of international musicians who were brought together by the desire to venture into the sonic paths of dark, slow and heavy music.

Novere recorded its debut EP "Soulless Elements", in August 2021 with Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studio. Today the band's first EP is released and you can listen at this location:

"For us, this EP is a healing process, like a tool to trick your brain, escape from the modern day world and keep the demons at bay."

The release show will be at The Black Heart in Camden on the same day of the official EP release date. Dawnwalker and Astral Bodies will join them on stage for a night of heavy and progressive music.

Woj - Drums and Vocals: Ex drummer of the punk HC band Jawless;
Dave - Guitars: Ex guitarist of the experimental post-rock band OBE;
Top - Bass and Vocals: Former member of Bangkok-based indie legends Eastbound Downers, psycho-rockers Blood Thirst Spider, Japanese hardcore outfit Lowfat and post-hardcore sludge band Degaruda;
Matteo - Guitars: Also guitar player of the London based post/prog metal band Dawnwalker.

The band is currently working on its second release.


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