The band is pleased to announce details of our third studio album titled "Attendite a falsis prophetis". The album's premiere is scheduled for May 31 via Teufelszeug Records "Attendite a falsis prophetis" is a dark, brutal death metal soundtrack to a collapsing universe, full of hatred and contempt for the lies of humanity and religion. It took Spirits Way to a new level of creativity and they're sure you'll love the new album as much as we do. As with our previous albums, they started working on this one with the same passion and focus as we were going to record our first album. They have never taken anything for granted, not only keeping in mind the standards our fans expect, but also striving to refine our sound. 

They have invited their friends to the recordings of this album who supported them with a piece of their soul...

- Dave Suzuki (Churchburn ex. Vital Remains) 
- Jim Ross (Bandwhore, Nader Sadek) 
- Paweł Cymerman (Symbolical) 
- Amira Gaafar (Vephar) 

Recording and production was handled by their new drummer and producer Shaun Black (Digital Demon Forge) 

Track list:
1.Attendite a falsis prophetis pt1 
2.Body Decomposition Engineering 
3.Anatomy of Decay (feat Amira Gaafar)
4.Morbid Might
5.Master of Deception
(feat Paweł Cymerman)
6.Attendite a falsis prophetis pt 2
7.My Throne is Made of the Bones of jesus (feat Jim Ross)
8.Paradox of Anger (feat Dave Suzuki)
9.The Dismemberent of Christ

Promo Songs:


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