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Exactly one year ago we attended Heavy Metal Thunder volume II, it was our first time at a Thrash Nightmare Promotion event and we loved it. So this year we did not hesitate to contact the organization to cover its third edition.
Early Friday we headed for Pisek, a few hours in our motorhome and we reached our destination.
Plenty of parking spots practically next to the festival hall, we were able to park for the whole weekend for just 5 euros, a bargain!

On Friday we enjoyed Eisenhand, Smolder, Spartan Warrior, High Spirits and Attic.
And on Saturday of: Acid Blade, Rumours, Konquest, Ranger, Hitten, Mass and Ambush.

A selection of amazing bands, all of an incredible level, who gave memorable concerts.
Stallion canceled his concert just a day before the festival was to start, and the organization brought in the legendary German band MASS.
We did not miss a single live performance, we enjoyed it to the fullest and savored each of the notes that such remarkable musical formations gave us.

The location sounds great, and it is very comfortable. The price of beer is approximately 1.5 euros per half liter. They also have food for very affordable prices.

The bands were not charged to sell their merch! They support music, they support underground!

All the people we spoke to were delighted with the organization, it is something to mention, a remarkable professionalism.

You should follow closely the concerts and festivals organized by Thrash Nightmare Promotion. It is worth taking a vacation and taking the opportunity to attend such an event like this.
In addition, Pisek is a very beautiful place and if you do it with time you will find hotels at very good prices and great restaurants. In our case, we were eating at a pizzeria called Don Pepe, just a 10-minute walk from the venue. Very good quality and food for the whole day, since we had a lot left over and we took it with us for later, with drinks included for 2 people for just 15 euros!

We spent an amazing weekend, with concerts that we will not forget and wonderful people.

A real pleasure to have been part of this third edition and hopefully many more.

A well-deserved sold-out with perfect organizers!

Thank you very much for inviting us and thanks to all the people with whom we shared the weekend, see you very soon!


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