Thrash Nightmare Fest - 10th Anniversary

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The 10th anniversary of “Thrash NIghtmare Fest” was amazing!

The first thing is the indescribable pain of missing the pre-party with Omen and Speedwhore, for work reasons it was absolutely impossible to get to Pisek on Thursday, I hope next time this doesn't happen.

The festival was simply perfect, each of the bands at a spectacular level. Amazing sound.

The atmosphere was flawless, people coming from all over, traveling from far away to attend this unmissable event for any lover of the underground scene.

Popular prices, with half-liter beer starting at 2 euros. Super cheap parking 1 minute from the place.

Hotels and restaurants at good prices, more than enough and located a few meters away as well.

Pisek is a beautiful place, it is worth stopping by and enjoying it.

A tenth anniversary that, like every concert organized by “Thrash Nightmare Promotion” was an absolute success. More than deserved sold-out. An audience that exuded happiness and dedication with each performance.

I honestly loved all the bands, but my absolute highlights were: Nuclear Revenge, Whiplash, Schizophrenia and Death Strike.

I very much appreciated to maintain events with bands like this at this underground level and not make them bigger and lose the essence.

It is truly wonderful to be able to attend and be part of something so special.

The next big event will be in March “HEAVY METAL THUNDER FEST IV.”, it has already been sold out for a long time.

But if you are a staunch follower of good metal and the underground scene, please follow these people who do their best to make us happy and run as fast as you can to buy tickets for future editions. I assure you a vacation that will be unforgettable.


I hope to see many of the regulars in Pisek next March!!!!


Cheers and keep supporting the underground!!!



Fani Nadki

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