Belgrade world/psych rock orchestra THE CYCLIST CONSPIRACY premiere new album "Mashallah Plan"; out tomorrow on Subsound Records


Belgrade, Serbia's avant-garde rock orchestra THE CYCLIST CONSPIRACY teamed up with Everything Is Noise to premiere their soulful and spellbinding new album "Mashallah Plan" ahead of its world release this October 13th on Subsound Records. 

"A vibrant, cohesive musical journey that traverses both geography and time. The Belgrade collective are able to effortlessly craft a musical joyride that takes you through the Byzantine Empire, through lesser traveled nomadic paths deep in the desert, to bustling bazaars and cafés, and up the steppe for a séance with a shaman." - Everything Is Noise

" Was this ethno-folk territory? Psychedelic kraut rock? Avant-garde sax pop? Nomadic Arabian desert blues? Or a little bit of everything all at once? Pretty soon we did not even mind anymore, as all we could be was mesmerised by the angelic voices of The Cyclist Conspiracy choir…" - Weirdo Shrine

 Let your mind travel with The Cyclist Conspiracy's new album 

From a mystical frontier where the East meets the West comes a psychedelic wonder called The Cyclist Conspiracy. This musical collective consisting of ten men and women creates unique sonic escapism for the soul that embarks any listener onto a long-haul voyage without further ado. Their new album “Mashallah Plan” is a psychedelic tapestry that blends influences from various parts of the world into a seamless unique “desert” rock experience – a monumental psychedelic piece set in the landscapes of Northern Africa and the Middle East bolstered by some magnificent choral work and powerful riffs.

The band comments: “Mashallah Plan” is a story about a spiritual journey on a bicycle. This simple device reveals its profound symbolism only through the path of most resistance and thus represents a perfect esoteric vehicle for The Dark Age we are living through”.

New album "Mashallah Plan"
Out October 13th on Subsound Records
The Cyclist Conspiracy, The (Anti) World Orchestra is the musical output of The Little Brothers dedicated to The Mysteries of The Last Age. Started as an informal project within the Society For The Development Of Alchemical Studies “Vasko Popa” in 2014, nowadays it is a musical troupe consisting of 10 male and female souls.

The orchestra draws influences from various parts of the world while trying to avoid superficial, “new age” eclecticism and direct its creative efforts towards the synthesis of the given elements. Whether it’s the Byzantine Empire or secret nomadic paths of the desert, the smokey café crowded with manges and frivolous women, or the steppe with the sky for shaman only, psychedelic or turkce rock, Middle or Far East, the journeys the cyclists taking are never the quest for the heart of this world. Sometimes they appeared as a symbolic quest for Constantinople, the heart of The Cycling Empire of Byzantium, but they are always the quest for the heart of the only true light – Agape.

The Cyclist Conspiracy have played numerous concerts in Serbia and neighboring countries, whether as headliners, support for other bands (Acid Mothers Temple, King Dude, Hayvanlar Alemi), or a part of festival lineups (Haywire Festival (RO), INdirekt (CRO), Zelenkovac Jazz Festival (BH), The Secret Society that Owns Belgrade (SR)).



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