BETRAYING THE MARTYRS announce EU headline tour; drum playthrough released

BETRAYING THE MARTYRS have announced their headline European Parasite Tour in support of new album Rapture, out 13th September via Sumerian Records. Opening the package are Russian R&B-metal crossover band Shrezzerswith Nepalese metallers Underside in main support. 

Coinciding with the tour announcement is the release of an impressive play-through by drummer Boris LeGal, performing of the band's new single ‘Parasite’. Check it out on Sumerian's YouTube channel here:

Tour dates:

18.09 - Germany, Berlin, Musik & Frieden
19.09 - Czech Republic, Prague, Modra Vopice
20.09 - Germany, Dresden, Reithalle
21.09 – Austria, Vienna, Viper Room
22.09 – Germany, Munich, Backstage Halle
23.09 – Germany, Stuttgart, Wizemann Club
24.09 – Germany, Ashaffenburg, Colos-Saal
25.09 – Switzerland, Baden, Werkk Kulturlokal
26.09 – Switzerland, Lyss, Kulturfabrik
27.09 – Netherlands, Rotterdam, Baroeg
28.09 – Netherlands, Eindhoven, Dynamo
29.09 – Germany, Cologne, Euroblast Festival
30.09 – Germany, Hamburg Logo
02.10 – Sweden, Gothenburg, Tradgam
03.10 – Sweden, Stockholm, Fryshueset Klubben
05.10 – Finland, Tampere, Lost In Music Festival
06.10 – Finland, Helsinki, On The Rocks

UK headline dates to be announced soon.

Rapture is BETRAYING THE MARTYRS’ fourth LP which promises to deliver many more neck-breaking metal tracks packed with huge hooks and melodies. The sextet set out to create their most impressive release yet and have exceeded all expectations with Rapture. The song 'Incarcerated' depicts how deep the band is willing to go down the personal rabbit hole lyrically, while 'Rapture' and 'Imagine' showcase the true span of the band’s musical spectrum – proving that any metal fan can find something to love on Rapture.  

Aaron comments on Rapture: “Rapture for us is a product of each one of our experiences up until this moment; each moment lived on the road, every drop of inspiration picked up along the way. Written musically in the only way we know how, we took each one of our musical tastes and formed it into the ultimate album for ourselves, hoping that it will translate and fall onto the ears of the listeners the same way it falls onto ours. Rapture is a musical journey through each one of our minds, lyrics that come from both the darkest and lightest corners of our souls. We put everything into this one, leaving behind any preconceptions, and what came out the other side is something that we're all so proud of, and we hope that the listener will feel it within themselves also.”

Pre-order Rapture here:
Merch bundles are available here:

Rapture was produced by BETRAYING THE MARTYRS, with individual instrument and recording duties carried out by Tomáš Raclavský at Babylon Studio in Jenikov, Czech Republic, Lucas d’Angelo at Dangelosound Studio in Paris, France, and Justin Paul Hill at Whitehouse Studios in Reading, United Kingdom. Rapture was mixed and mastered by Henrik Udd at Henrik Udd Studio in Sweden.

For more information: 
Rapture track-listing:

1- Ignite
2- Eternal Machine
3- Down
4- The Iron Gates
5- Parasite
6- The Sound of Letting You Go
7- The Swarm
8- Monster
9- Imagine
10- Incarcerated
11- Rapture
Based in Paris, France, and featuring members from France and the UK, BETRAYING THE MARTYRS’ approach to brutality and melody has established them as one of the most unique bands unrivalled in any genre.

Their stunning debut offering Breath In Life (2011) made a huge impact in North America and Europe and quickly established BETRAYING THE MARTYRS as one of the hottest new bands around. Coupled with relentless touring and high-profile festival appearances including Mayhemfest and AllStars, the band quickly built a strong fan base, which would only continue to grow throughout their career.

Second album Phantom (2014) saw them take their live show to the next level, earning them slots at the biggest European festivals, including Grass Pop, With Full Force, Resurrection Festival and more, and reach entirely new audiences with their cover of ‘Let it Go’ from the movie Frozen.

In 2016 BETRAYING THE MARTYRS joined forces with esteemed producer Justin Hill to create third album The Resilient, a record that cemented the band as the European kings of 21st century metal. The Resilient showcased their newfound focus on song writing, which earned them many more huge touring opportunities including a slot on Summer Slaughter (US), and further propelled them to become one of today’s most important heavy acts.

2019 will see the band embark on a global headline tour and further raise the bar with their highly anticipated fourth album Rapture.

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