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Thrash metal genre was shaped by milestones like ‘Kill em all’, ‘Bonded by blood’, ’The Legacy’ among many others, such statements globally pierced all metal fans' ears with great joy. Many younger thrash bands followed with relative success, however one sure thing is very few can still claim of existing as no clone, churning out such freshness, dynamics with as much vigor and conviction as Barcelona’s CRISIX.

Juli Bazooka talked with Fani Nadki about their new record:


 1. 2018... 10 years of Crisix! How does it feel?

It feels really great! You know, when we started ten years ago we never expected all of this. We always did our best to raise the band and to keep on going forward, after all this years we look at back and the only thing we can do is to feel very proud of our career. It's been an amazing Crisix decade!
2. Tell us about the beginning of the project and its evolution until today.

The project starts with 5 friends doing music together and having fun, and probably one of the best things about this is that ten years after we're still 5 friends doing music together and having fun. Of course now there's more responsibility with all but the essence is the same, and I think that's the secret of our good connection between us, we've been a perfect working machine all this years. We always tried to be honest with us and trying to offer new stuff and new ideas, keeping our essence and principles alive. Four albums after we can't be more happy.
3. Your 4th studio album will come out in just a few days, tell us about the recording and composing process. Did the whole band take part in the process?

Probably this album was the most difficult album by far, talking about the composing process. We've been touring a lot without stopping and the album was written between shows. On the previous one we had time to discuss a lot between us and preparing the songs a lot, this time was completely different. Javi and B.B. are the main composers in the musical part, I do the lyrics and then we work on them together. This time for example we never were all together in the studio. Harder than the previous one, but finally we did it!
4. Game of Thrones, Dragon Ball, Alien... Tell us about the lyrics a bit more.

You know, this kind of references always were a part of our music. We have time to talk about things that make us angry, like you can see in songs like "Leech Breeder", things that affect us directly like "Technophiliac", some humor and parody like "Get Out of my Head" and of course references to cinema, comic, etc… This is the balance that makes the lyrical part of Crisix Music so especial. We have time to talk about what makes us angry but also we have time to talk about things we love.
5. Recorded in Axtudios, Barcelona with Oscar AX, and mastered by Jens Borgen in Sweden. Tell us more about how this worked.

Well, we've been working with Oscar since the first album, he knows the band and we heave a great connection with him, and Jens did an amazing job with the previous album too. We were very satisfied with the result of "From Blue to Black" so we decided to repeat this time with the same team, we are very happy with the Oscar/Jens combination!


 6. I really like your evolution, from the more crude Old School Thrash to a kind of Modern Thrash with a lot of colours inside but always keeping your essence. Tell us about your influence for the evolution of your music.

You know, the foundations of our music are based on thrash metal, and it will always be, but we have a lot of different influences out of thrash. If you listen to Crisix you can finde thrash influences, hardcore, punk, heavy metal, death metal, etc… We don't put walls in our compositions, if we wanna do something we do, and that's one of the best thing about the band. It's something I'd like to call "Thrash without frontiers" haha. Every one of us has a lot of different influences and we're always discovering new music so, that's the way we do our stuff.


 7. Listening your new record reveals an obvious influence of hardcore music, tell us a bit more about this. Your references and the way you mix it.

Well, we like hardcore along with a lot of different genres, but talking about hardcore we love classic bands and new bands. We can listen the classics like Madball, Sick of it All, Agnostic Front, Biohazard, etc… and new bands like Rise of the Northstar, Deez Nuts, Bellako, etc… and this is one of our influences, as I said before, we're not afraid when we compose so, no walls when we write songs.

 8. I talk from the knowledge, fortunately I saw you live so many times and I can say that you are one of the best live band we can enjoy right now. How important is the live part for you, what do you prefer big festivals or small venues?

Of course the live part is an important thing for us, and the best part is what you see on stage is real, we're really enjoying what we do and we don't know another way to do it haha We always work so hard preparing our liveshows. We can't choose between festivals and venues, each one has his things. Different and awesome experiences, in festivals you can feel the huge crowd and this is amazing, but in the venues the people are closer and this feels so good!


 9. You are a very young band but you played in very big festivals, toured around Europe, and I’m pretty sure many of your dreams came true. For example which were your dreams in 2008 and how many of then have become true for now.

I think all of our 2008 dreams are reached haha but the problem is that we have new dreams all the time, yo know, like "nice, we did this so, what's next?". This is another important face of the band, we are eternal dreamers haha


 10. Dreams for the future?

Our strongest dream is to tour all around the world, in every place possible, spreading the crisix mania around the globe.


 11. I´m really happy about you playing in Skull Crusher, Dresden in April, and I know so well that many people here are so excited to see you live. A great chance to catch many new followers, and many of them will be at Chronical Moshers too! Some words for them? Will we enjoy your Football of Death?

Can't wait to see all of you in the pit guys!!! It's gonna be amazing and for sure it will be something especial like Football of Death hahaha Thanks for your support guys!


 12. You have really cool summer festivals confirmed, first time in the USA! Any cool tour coming too?

A lot of cool things are coming, but I cannot say nothing yet hehe, you will be updated on our social media!

 13. Your dream line-up to tour with?

This is a personal thing for everyone of us and we have different opinions haha. For me would be a dream to tour with King Diamond for example.


 14. What's the best part of being a musician and the worst one?

The best part is you can do something you love, the worst part is that you need more hours per day to do that thing that you love so much haha


 15. Any advice for the bands who are starting?

It sounds so topic but, believe in what you're doing. A lot of people are going to say that you're loosing your time but keep on with your passion, no matter what.


 16. Anything else to add?

Thanks for spending your time reading this and we hope to see you in the near future my friends!!!

Thanks and See you in April!!!!!





Be sure to catch CRISIX's live performances in 2018 at Hellfest , Alcatraz, RUDE, Full Metal Holiday festivals ,...and numerous other dates

Juli Bazooka: Vocals
Javi Carry: Drums
B.B. Plaza: Guitars
Albert Requena: Guitars
Dani Ramis: Bass



The Menace (2011)
Rise..Then rest (2013)
From Blue to Black (Listenable 2016)
Against the Odds (Listenable 2018)


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