Enforcer•Evil Invaders•Ambush•Cobra Spell | Leipzig, Hellraiser

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Storm is coming! A very heavy night was about to come, a line-up made up of 4 bands that have it all: talent, youth, great stage performance, and they sound great!

We started the night with the guitarist Sonia Anubis's band: Cobra Spell. Active since 2019 and with many changes in the line-up. They have released 2 EPs, very heavy songs mixed with hard rock that sound super eighties and very catchy.

Their new vocalist: Kristina Vega is a great frontwoman, great voice and very good communication with the public. The band had a great time on stage and the people really enjoyed it. Hopefully they find stability soon and continue down this path, as they have a lot of potential and a great future ahead of them.

The second discharge came from the hand of Ambush, a Swedish Heavy Metal band, active since 2013 and with 3 LP's released. I was really looking forward to finally seeing the Swedish quintet live, and boy, they totally did exceed my expectations. What a whirlwind band, choreography included where the 2 guitars and the bass move in unison. They did not stop throughout the concert, a completely overturned audience thanks to their great presence. The band had a great time on stage, they gave off happiness and that got fully into each attendee of the event. What a great concert, full of great songs and an outstanding performance. They were the highlight of the night without a doubt. However, it was very short. We are waiting with infinite desire for their next tour, and hopefully as headliners, to enjoy them longer!

Who does not know Evil Invaders? One of the Speed/thrash bands that has been hitting the most for the last few years.

They were formed in 2007 in Belgium and since then they have known very well what they were doing to get to where they are. They don't stop playing and touring, and they gain followers every day. They sound brutal in the studio and play amazing live shows. A lot of presence, bad ass attitude and aggressiveness. They never fail.

Tonight the sound wasn't the best, but that wasn't the band's fault, they did everything perfectly and it's always a pleasure to enjoy this Belgian quartet live. They are also presenting their latest LP “Shattering Reflection”, a great album, which if you haven't heard it yet, I don’t know what you are doing, check it out!

It's always a joy to watch these killer guys tear up stages!

And finally, and to put the perfect touch on a Friday night: Enforcer. A name that should always be present if we talk about Heavy/Speed ​​Metal. The Swedish band are without a doubt one of the referents of the genre right now. 5 albums behind them, a live album from last year, a few Splits, EPs, plenty of singles...

We are very much looking forward to hearing new material, which will surely arrive in 2023.

One great song after another, the public singing most of them.

Unfortunately; just like Evil Invaders, there were sound issues. The drums were soaring and Olof's voice was hard to hear. But the band, like its predecessors, did a great job. A lot of energy, an impeccable stage performance. Their best smiles filled the Hellraiser with joy, passion and a lot of metal last Friday.

To finish, I leave you the response of the band when Sweden Rock Magazine asked them if they played Old School Heavy Metal: "Heavy Metal is not old school, it is timeless!"


And that's right, a great Friday night with a full Hellraiser and overflowing happiness from each of the people who were able to enjoy it!


Fani Nadki

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