Finally we were able to enjoy one of the top bands of the moment. A top quality band that takes your breath away. Love at first listen is what I had the first time I listened to Hällas.

They are on tour with Hot Breath, unfortunately they couldn't play that night due to medical reasons. We wish them a speedy recovery and we are very much looking forward to enjoying this great Swedish Rock band, hopefully we will be able to see them live on future tours!


Trahir were the first to jump onto the stage, from Prague itself, a band that mixes; psychedelia, doom, heavy, rock, stoner... A more than impressive performance. Depth and magic on the boards. The band has a lot of potential. It's always great to see new bands that make a difference. We will follow them closely.

Hällas was about to jump on stage, a completely full venue and the stage at ground level, so taking photos was a great odyssey. Luckily we were able to enjoy the concert.

Pure magic from the minute 0. A real delight to enjoy the Swedish quintet live. Anyone who knows the band knows how special Tommy Alexandersson's voice is. Well, live is even better, a voice to fall in love with, impressive.

They reviewed their three LP's with songs like “Repentance”, “Carry On”, “Fading Hero”, “Stygian Depths”, “The Golden City of Semyra”... People wanted more and more and after playing their anthem “Star Rider” delighted us with two songs as an encore “The Astral Seer” and their homonymous track “Hällas”.

A night to remember!

Hällas have enormous potential and I'm sure their next tour is going to be something very huge.

Enjoy them whenever you have the chance and don't stop listening to this amazing and absolutely magic band!


Fani Nadki

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