Mighty Sounds 2023 -Review-

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We couldn't wait to return to this great festival, this time working, but even more excited to be able to cover this great event and thus be able to spread it so that more people can know it and attend next editions.

We left with more than enough time, but we were unlucky enough to have to follow the police for a drug control, where we met the people from Talco. In the end we only lost about an hour and we all got out of there with no problem, we are healthy people ;).

Finally we arrived at the venue, we got accredited, we parked, we got pretty, and ready to enjoy!!!

The festival is very extensive, there are areas to rest, countless food stalls and lots of drinks. There is the Jameson tent, Red Bull, cocktails... But above all: lots of beer. There is a stall with special craft beers, which vary every day, the price is somewhat higher, but it is logical since you are paying for a special and limited product. The best-selling beers are Radegast and Pilsner Urquell, prices range between 2.66 and 3.20 euros per pint. More than reasonable prices and excellent quality beer.

This year they began to use the Cashless bracelet, and you could pay for absolutely everything with it, even merch. If you have money left over after the festival is over, it is very easy to request a refund.

The venue is always clean. There are continuously people cleaning every corner, it's wonderful.

The last day the heat was quite a lot and the firefighters came with hoses, they even put a few pools in the enclosure and people had a great time splashing in the water.

They also have Vans as a sponsor and there is a half-pipe for skaters.

In addition a place to play soccer. Also a barbershop, various clothing stores, accessories, tattoos... A camel space where you can buy tobacco.

The stages are various. There is the Black Coffee where they do theater, poetry slams or acoustic shows. That yes, it is all in Czech, a pity since we approached it a few times and it all seemed very funny, but unfortunately we did not understand anything. But it is logical, since at the moment it is not a very international festival. You always meet a lot of Germans and people from other countries, but it's not very normal.

In the Jameson tent we find a good party and varied DJs throughout the weekend.

We have the Lucky Hazzard stage, which is the smallest stage where bands play. You have to go early if you want to see something because it gets packed.

Then there is the Jameson Stage, near the Whiskey tent. This stage is the second one, and in terms of space it is very good, although for some bands like Booze & Glory it was too small.

And the Mighty Stage, where the most recognized names play. There is always space here and you can see and hear the bands from all over the festival. Even if you have to go to the bathroom during the performance, you hardly miss anything, as there are many toilets (no queues) and even from there you can see the stage.

Something we missed was a bit more shade, but the heat wasn't really stifling either, so it wasn't anything serious.

We need to mention that the backstage parties are epic, the best was on Saturday, which lasted until well into the morning, where we ran into people who were coming to have breakfast, and we were still on the crest of the wave. How cool it was!

The concerts are amazing. It is a festival for all tastes, from Heavy, Punk, Celtic, Ska, Hip Hop, some electronic, acoustic, Rock! There is always something you will like. And while you wait for your style, you can sit in the chill area, or have a good frappe coffee, or a thousand activities that are always available.

Festivals like this are very much appreciated, with a great variety, in which you always meet new bands and enjoy many that you love.

We listen to a wide variety of music, so we enjoy almost all the bands. Special mention to: Dog Eat Dog, Catastrofy, Talco, Booze & Glory, Konfront, Loikaemie, Dwarves, Ignite, Wolfbrigade, Moscow Death Brigade, Comeback Kid, Enter Shikari, The Cloverhearts, Hatebreed, The Interrupters... And what a great ending with Rancid!!!!

A festival full of happiness!

We had an amazing time. In addition, the atmosphere is beastly and you can enjoy the concerts both in a calmer way, and in the mosh pit. A true wonder that remains engraved in our memory as something extraordinary, worth remembering and spreading.

 Was such a good time, and it's over in the blink of an eye, what a shame when it's over! We would love to stay there a couple more days and continue enjoying something so incredible.

If you like parties, good music, and an atmosphere full of good vibes, don't hesitate to go next year. Apart from incredible prices and excellent quality beer.

What more could you ask for?

Thanks for an amazing weekend and see you all in 2024!!!

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