Stoned Jesus, The Devil And The Almighty Blues & Somali Yacht Club (Leipzig 27/11/19)

Such a great night the one we lived on November 27 in Leipzig attending the "SONIC RIDE VOL I".
A room full of people totally in music and wanting to give everything.
Somali Yatch Club was a great and pleasant surprise for me, it was the first time I saw the neighboring band of Stoned Jesus, since they also come from Ukraine. A very powerful and deep performance, executed to perfection, we will certainly repeat the experience the next time they come around.

Then The Devil And The Almighty Blues, the second time we enjoyed them this year, again touring with Stoned Jesus. A pleasure for the ears to enjoy their rock and blues, a band from Oslo to add in your list.

And finally; the kings of the night jumped on the stage: Stoned Jesus put the icing on the cake to a great night that closed in an awesome way. An audience that reached nirvana. Some joints around (which the security was taking away) and hundreds of voices chanting the band's classics.
They did not stop playing songs from their last LP as well as a more than successful review of their discography.
Great night, full of good music, emotions and brilliance.


Check out our interview with Stoned Jesus:

Full Album HERE

Somali Yacht Club


The Devil And The Almighty Blues


Stoned Jesus



Fani Nadki

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