THURNIN join ANTIMATTER for two acoustic shows in Germany and the Netherlands on short notice

Although this announcement comes on short notice, do not miss the chance to catch THURNIN live. The Dutch dream folk pioneers have been confirmed on short notice as special guest for two acoustic shows of ANTIMATTER on the coming weekend. The gigs take place at the Rockfabrik in the German town of Übach-Palenberg on November 18 and in the Roadburn city of Tilburg, the Netherlands on November 19. Judging by the massive applause and glowing reviews they received, THURNIN were considered one of the highlights of the Prophetic Overture at this year's Prophecy Fest.

THURNIN mastermind Jurre Timmer will be available for face to face interviews and also by mail, phone, and Zoom.

The artist comments: "I am stoked and feel very honored about the invitation to open for one of my all time favorite acts this coming weekend", Jurre Timmer enthuses. "Antimatter has been a direct artistic influence on me when I was beginning to create music. I look very much forward to sharing stages with them and I hope to meet and see many of you at these shows!"

THURNIN will be performing in support of their new album "Útiseta". Please see below for cover arttracklist, and further details.

"Útiseta" is streaming in full at the link below:

18 NOV 2023 Übach-Palenberg (DE) Rockfabrik
19 NOV 2023 Tilburg (NL) Paradox

THURNIN album "Útiseta" here

1. Útiseta
2. Halcyon
3. Særa
4. Acquiescense
5. The Gale
6. Vagabond
7. Remembrance
8. The Seeress
9. Endrborinn

The word 'Útiseta' is an old Icelandic term referring to sorcery, which is no longer used but literally understood in the modern language. It means the practice of sitting out in the open air, possibly at a significant site for a magical purpose. 

THURNIN mastermind Jurre Timmer interprets this numinous act as a way to commune with nature, to find peace, and to gain spiritual wisdom in a time of introspection and transcendence. The Dutch acoustic music progeny has spent years in a contemplative mode to create his sophomore full-length entitled "Útiseta" and a collection of poetry to stand alongside the album.

Very much feeling like a natural progression from the debut album "Menhir", Timmer is adding dashes of vocal colour and flute to the acoustic guitars on "Útiseta". While THURNIN remains tied to the world of dreams and visions that take the listener to otherwordly realms filled with magical wonders, "Útiseta" offers richer textures, and a more matured and warmer sound.

Little was known about THURNIN when the mysterious Dutch solo-project of mastermind and sole musician Jurre Timmer emerged with the dark folk debut full-length "Menhir" in 2021, beyond the fact that he shared black metal roots with WARDRUNA founder Einar Selvik.

Before THURNIN, Timmer released an album with his death doom project I, FORLORN. He also created 2 albums and 2 EPs for a project under the name of ALGOS. Although his idea to compose an acoustic EP for ALGOS pointed towards the general direction of THURNIN, Timmer decided to start fresh on a clean musical slate and to let his new band develop into its own direction. 

When "Menhir" found its way from Timmer's home studio in the town of Soest by the Dutch city of Amersfoort, the album became an instant hit on YouTube that has long passed the milestone of 1 million views. THURNIN's mastermind spent the last 3 years to find the music that signifies the acceptance of all the circumstances that brought him to this point, the sacrifices made, and to honour those, whom he has lost in the best possible way. 

Now THURNIN's eagerly awaited follow-up album "Útiseta" is ready to embark on a journey around the globe. Find yourself an ancient burial mound, a sacred well, or a grove in a forest, and sit on the ground listening to the new songs. "Útiseta" will send you the most beautiful visions from the dream-world.

Release date: September 22, 2023
Style: Dream Folk
Label: Auerbach Tonträger

Jurre Timmer – guitars, vocals

Guest musicians
Dominique Berube – flute
Linnea Lindqvist – vocals

Recording, Mix Mastering
Jurre Timmer & Nimblkorg at Shylmagoghnar Studio, Bocholtz, The Netherlands

Artwork by Jack Bailey
Layout by Jack Bailey & Łukasz Jaszak


Available formats
"Útiseta" is available as a lime-green gatefold vinyl 2LP, as a black gatefold vinyl 2LP, and as a Digipak CD.





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