The new reboot of the classic Troma Entertainment horror comedy film will finally be directed and written by Macon Blair.
Peter Dinklage was known for his role in Game of Thrones Will be playing in the reboot. This film made in 1984 became a cult classic a year after a year of its first run. The film told the story of a man who is exposed to chemicals, turned into a mutant.
Dinklage has starred in I care a Lot, Avengers: Endgame among other recent films.
Macon Blair Will be in charge of the plot as well as the direction. This director was awarded in Sundance Film Festival with theĀ  Grand Jury Prize for his movie I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore.
As far as we know the classic Toxic Avenger was not a really good movie. This Low Budget production was never meant to be more than an exhibition of gore, nudity, and bad taste, usually what Troma provided to their fans.
We will have to wait to see the result of this new adventure, likely to become a hilarious horror film hopefully delivering on body horror and splatter-core.

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